CMC Packaging Automation – Stand B39

ESG is in our DNA. It is part of our culture: led from the top, rooted in our business strategy, and integrated in our ways of working.
Sustainability culture, climate, responsible products, and human capital are the foundation of our sustainability strategy.
We want to shape the future of automated packaging industry through innovative and sustainable solutions leading the change to a Net Zero Carbon Future; we provide a safe, diverse, inclusive workplace, managing and developing talent to help people perform at their best.
Since November 2020, CMC is proud to be a member of the KKR’s Global Impact Fund. With KKR’s support, CMC is continuing its journey, expanding its operations, and working to create leading-edge, sustainable packaging solutions for the world’s leading companies.
Furthermore, in 2021, Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 billion venture investment program, invested in CMC to support the development of sustainable technologies and services.

CMC deeply cares about sustainability at both corporate and product level.
Important steps have been taken so far, as part of a wider Sustainability Roadmap based on the following pillars:

1. Responsible product

CMC is committed to reduce our impact and that of our clients offering innovative and sustainable solutions:

  • We performed Life Cycle Assessment on both CMC CartonWrap and CMC Genesys
2. Supply Chain

We take an active approach in protecting our stakeholders across the supply chain and in sourcing responsibly:

  • we assessed our strategic suppliers for ESG dimensions and shared with them improvement plans;
  • we adopted a Code of Conduct for suppliers.
3. Climate

CMC is committed to reducing our own climate impact:

  • we regularly conduct a full GHG footprint audit including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions;
  • we installed our first photovoltaic system in one of our plants in Italy;
  • we are developing a decarbonization strategy alongside science-based targets.
4. Human Capital

We are a people-first company.
We strive to create a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone can fulfil their potential:

  • We are drafting a DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and Talent Strategy.
5. Data security

CMC retains and manages its clients’ and own IP and data in a responsible manner:

  • we are planning to achieve ISO 27001 certification by Q3-23.

In June 2023 we shared our first Sustainability Report an important milestone in our roadmap that encompasses social, environmental and governance topics.


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