The impact of the coronavirus is felt in all sections of society. Our industry doesn’t escape it either. Business as usual is (temporarily) no longer. However, many companies didn’t stick to their guns. We bring together some inspiring testimonials from Empack’s exhibitors who, despite the challenging times, still manage to continue providing their services and products or even adapting them. This crisis shows once again how resilient our entrepreneurs and their employees can be. Translated with (free version)
Hygienic, fully stackable, and designed to maximize freight storage, JumboNest is the next generation Rigid Pallet Containers. Food safe, robust, and manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures, it is the ultimate choice for several industries.
Espera NOVA
Espera NOVA
De Espera NOVA is een revolutionair toestel, dat de weeg- en etiketteersector naar een nieuw tijdperk zal brengen. Eén van de fundamentele principes die geleid hebben tot de ontwikkeling van deze machine, is het verlagen van de downtime.
Demos in times of Corona? It is possible!
In house labelprinting is easy. The best way to prove that to our customers is through a demo. Starting from now, we organize ONLINE demos. Due to the interaction, the demo remains personalized and printed labels are sent afterwards
Custom automation
VME designs and manufactures customized systems, mainly for the food industry. From flexible dosing solutions, checkweighers, metal detection and induction sealers. We offer a solution tailored to your demand.
Cross-border stand-up pouch for coffee
A stable, exclusive presentation does justice to the coffee of French customer Cafermi. Combined with an optimal filling process of Belgian machine developer NIVO systems. Cross-border and language communication created this unique flat bottom pouch!
Floor Labels
Now that many companies are allowed to restart after these uncertain COVID 19 times, many are wondering how to do it safely. We can provide you with “Social Distance” floor labels. It’s also possible to customize with your own logo on top.
We at GKS Packaging “be-LEAF” in paper
LEAF is purely designed to achieve the best results in producing paper bags from all paper materials that are 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.
Handelsonderneming PD B.V.
Wij zijn er om u productie niet te laten stagneren
Juist nu is onze voedselketen erg belangrijk en moeten producenten onverminderd kunnen door werken. Onze verkoopadviseurs en servicemonteurs staat voor u klaar. Productie uitbreiden, extra mengers of analyseapparatuur nodig, wij helpen u graag.
Remote Support
Bizerba stays connected and helps customers remotely thanks to augmented services and Remote Support. In this way, we avoid interventions on site and continue to guarantee the rapid availability of our customers’ systems.
HyperScope 100% seal inspection of rigid packages
Engilico presents HyperScope for inline seal inspection of rigid packaging such as trays, pots and other thermoformed packages. HyperScope uses hyperspectral imaging to detect contamination in the sealing area, even through printed plastic foils.
Draabe Evolution high pressure in-room humidifier
This quiet and discrete in-room spray humidifier is ideal for commercial buildings that do not have central air handling units. The nozzle can deliver up to 3kg/hr of humidification directly to a room with rapid evaporation.
ASP Handling
Til en trekhulpen ondersteunen social distancing
Dozen, pallets, kuipen, karren, enz. zijn vaak te zwaar om met 1 persoon te hanteren, maar met 2 personen kan het niet meer. Onze tilhulpen en trekkers lossen het probleem voor u op: 1 persoon kan de handeling snel, veilig en ergonomisch uitvoeren.

"hier komt een tekst in heading 2 hier komt een tekst in heading 2 hier komt een tekst in heading "

– Robert Grevel, Stempher B.V.