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Our events, exhibitions and conferences offer packaging suppliers a more focused approach to business growth and networking at several key locations within the Belgian packaging landscape.

Gain access to new markets, connect with leading brands and strengthen your position in the packaging community.

Why visit Empack?

Empack is Belgium’s exclusive and highly acclaimed trade show dedicated to the packaging sector. As the industry evolves swiftly, Empack remains at the forefront, offering a unique platform to discover the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in packaging. Whether you’re a professional seeking cutting-edge insights or a business looking to stay ahead of the curve, Empack is your go-to destination.

Sfeerfoto Empack Mechelen
Sfeerfoto Empack Mechelen 2023

What sets us apart?

  • Diverse locations, unified vision: experience our dynamic shows across Belgium. Each edition brings its unique flavor while maintaining our commitment to excellence:
    • Empack Namur | Namur Expo | 30 May 2024 |2nd edition
    • Empack Ghent | Flanders Expo |17 & 18 September 2014 |2nd edition | co-location with Transport & Logistics and Logistics & Industrial Build
    • Empack Mechelen | Nekkerhal Brussels-North | 22 & 23 October 2025 | 21st edition
  • A thriving community: engage, network, and collaborate in an environment buzzing with ideas and opportunities.
  • Tailored to industry needs: our shows are designed to meet the evolving needs of both visitors and exhibitors. They’re not just events; they’re catalysts for growth and innovation.

Why exhibit with us?

  • Empack is more than a trade show; it’s a beacon for the packaging industry in Belgium and beyond (because yes, we have multiple packaging shows in Europe).
  • Exhibiting at Empack positions your brand at the epicenter of the sector’s evolution, opening doors to unparalleled networking and business opportunities.
  • Showcase your products and services to a targeted audience, gain insights into the latest industry trends, and connect with peers, potential clients, and partners.
Sfeerfoto Empack Mechelen 2023
Sfeerfoto Empack Mechelen 2023

Join us in shaping the future of packaging

Whether you’re looking to expand your industry knowledge, explore the latest innovations, or elevate your business, Empack is the place to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of Belgium’s most significant packaging event.

Empack Namur

One day networking event

Empack Ghent

Co-location with Transport & Logistics en Logistics & Industrial Build

Empack Mechelen

Co-location with Packaging Innovations