Smart Badge vs. Visit Connect


  • Initiated by the visitor
  • All the exhibitors can spread their info via the reader (info uploaded on My Easyfairs)
  • No contact needed with the visitor, install your reader on your stand and they will get your information automatically in their mailbox
  • GoLeads/GoPlus exhibitors receive a visitors list with data from the registration if they scanned your stand. GoVisibility exhibitors will only see the number of touches.

Preparation: make sure you have as much information as possible on My Easyfairs. You will get your reader during build up on your stand.


  • Initiated by the exhibitor
  • Only exhibitors with a GoLeads or GoPlus can use this webapp
  • Qualify leads by asking questions and taking notes in the progressive webapp
  • Collect all the information on one source
  • Lead follow up: contact visitors after the show

Preparation: activate your license(s) on the device that you will use at the event. You are ready to scan your visitors badges now!

You can also add questions in the web portal in advance to have an optimized lead follow up (not obligated).

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