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Novexx Solutions has 50 years of experience in the industrial identification and labeling business. How is that possible if we only entered the market in June 2015? We originated from Avery Dennison’s Industrial Print & Apply (IPA) line of business, and now combine our global know-how with the drive of a midsize enterprise. We aim to be the first choice for companies that want to advance their supply chain. Why decide between experience and vitality, if you can have both?

Our core competence is that we intend to add VALUE to our customers’ supply chain. We do this by providing INNOVATIVE products, services and processes. Our customers can rely on our CONTINUITY, as we are dependable and provide sustainable, high-quality products. We want our customers to recognize us to be EASY TO WORK WITH, providing pragmatic, flexible and customer-focused solutions.

We make companies more successful by advancing their identification and labeling within the supply chain. Our customers recognize us as a partner because we understand their challenges.

Having been in the business for 50 years, we at NOVEXX Solutions have a deep knowledge of markets and applications. We provide innovative solutions in sync with market trends by combining great products with hands-on consulting and services.



Our experience is your advantage We offer you far more than a simple label – we support our customers with individual tailored labeling solutions across a wide variety of industries

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NOVEXX Solutions offers a wide range of labeling systems for applying self adhesive labels of any shape and size accurately and reliably onto any product. With the powerful XLS 2xx

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From low to high volume – we offer printers developed to be used in every industry for label printing for any application. Printing at high speed without compromising on print

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The intelligent way to centrally control all your marking and identification operations ensuring global compliance and increasing productivity by minimizing manual data input: Our Trace-it® software solution. Available as comprehensive,

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Find out more about our best-in-class ALX Print & Apply Systems and fulfill today’s high standards for product labeling and identification as well as supply chain and logistics requirements. Whenever

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