Stand formulas

All-in stand
All-in Plus stand
  • Stand sizes: 12-16m²; 17-23m²; 24-35m²; >36m²
  • White modular stand construction, 250 cm high (including a 10 cm high aluminium frieze)
  • View size per panel: 95.4 cm wide x 240 cm high
  • Carpet anthracite
  • Nameplate with the stand name and number
  • Stand sizes: 24-35m²; >36m²
  • Truss structure (400 cm high) with a rear wall as a white modular stand construction (250 cm high)
  • Storage facility measuring 2 m x 1 m with a lockable door as a modular stand construction
  • 1 spotlight of 300 W per 10 m² (attached to the truss structure)
  • Banner with the logo on every open side
  • 6 kW power supply including switchboard
  • Carpet anthracite
All-in stand
All-in Plus
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