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SIMACO GMBH are specialists for product and packaging coding as well as special coatings supplying productive, efficient and indelible inks, coatings and printing inks for a large variety of applications – reliably and sustainably.
Our company has stood for the innovative development of inkjet printing inks and highly specialised coatings for more than 30 years. In addition we ensure the full availability of numerous brands of inkjet printing systems with a team of highly qualified service technicians as well as an extensive range of spare parts.

About HEUFT:

Quality, safety and efficiency: this is what matters when filling and packaging food, drinks and pharmaceuticals! The modular solutions from HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH put these key factors into practice simply and effectively. They ensure, during maximum productivity, that only perfect products reach the market. Unique camera, X-ray and image processing technologies for a precise empty and full container inspection, trend-setting labelling technology and smart tools for container flow optimisation, production data acquisition and performance analysis safeguard product quality and line efficiency sustainably! A consistent modular design principle with a cross-system control unit for different technologies, procedures and modules generates, together with a high component similarity, the correct automation solution for every application. Those who decide in favour of a user-friendly HEUFT system can depend on a high level of operational reliability. Competent support is always guaranteed with the long-term availability of spare parts and the 24/7 on call service. This concept keeps the globally operating company on a dynamic course of growth. In the meantime the number of employees has long since exceeded the 1,000 mark. Its own locations in 14 different countries and a comprehensive network of service bases on all five continents meet the huge demand for the HEUFT systems which are manufactured exclusively in Germany. The result: more safety, quality and efficiency during the filling and packaging of food, drinks and pharmaceuticals. HEUFT knows how!

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