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Alpak, which is part of the Houweling Group, is at the forefront of making packaging more sustainable. We offer an alternative to virgin packaging thanks to the development of recycled plastic packaging. We shoulder our responsibility for a circular economy by collecting used packaging and reinserting it into the chain.
By taking a look with us at your packaging chain, you will make savings in areas including CO2 emission, use of fossil feedstocks, controlling waste and logistics costs. Savings can already be achieved simply for instance by opting for 100% PCR-HDPE packaging or making use of our Recoservice for sound waste management of your used packaging.
The responsibility for the safety of people, plant, product and the environment is also part of sustainable business. Our offer of sector-specific contributes to your personnel’s safety, control of hazardous substances and containing spillages.
We are ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 en 45001:2018 and -I-Pac certified. We are also an accredited OVAM and NIWO waste collector. Please visit our stand to find out more.


Recoservice: sound waste management

Alpak zamelt uw gebruikte verpakkingen in. Herbruikbare verpakkingen zoals ibc’s, vaten en jerrycans, worden gereinigd, getest op lekken, voorzien van nieuwe verzegeling en tenslotte uitwendig gecontroleerd. De verpakkingen zijn dan

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CSR: sustainable packaging

Nothing is as sustainable as multiple use of existing packaging. If this packaging is cleaned after use with filtered rainwater instead of drinking water, this water is heated using biodiesel

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