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Cyklop Belgium is a subsidiary of Cyklop International, a worldwide producer and supplier of packing systems and materials.

Backed by our products and expertise, we offer our customers optimal solutions for load securement during internal and external transportation, where the emphasis is on the safe and sound transport of goods. We offer solutions tailored to the market: hand-held tools, machines and systems, consumables specially designed for them, professional advice, project engineering and an outstanding technical service.


Bundling machine Axro FQC-2

The AXRO-FQC2 is the latest development in modern binding technology. This machine is fitted with the AXRO clamping and knotting technology which has more than proven its reliability over the

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Strapping machine AMPAG SPEED

The Ampag automatic strapping machine is suitable for strapping various packages and products such as boxes, postal packets and newspaper bundles. The Ampag Speed stands out for reliability, ease of

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Paper tape dispenser B6

The B6 paper tape dispenser is a user-friendly and economical dispenser for gummed paper tape. Suitable for sealing small daily quantities of packaging. Simple to move and no electricity required.

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Strapping tool CLT 130

The CLT 130 strapping machine is an ideal introductory model for plastic strapping. The CLT 130 is specially designed for light applications and delicate packaging. This makes it ideal for

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Pallet wrapper CSM 212

The stretch wrapper CSM 211 is a mobile stretch wrapper. The handle, with powered control buttons, allows easy transportation of the wrapper to the package. Replacing of the film roll

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Paper tape dispenser LAPOMATIC

The Lapomatic paper tape dispenser is an electric tape dispenser for gummed paper tape. Suitable for sealing large quantities of packaging. The Lapomatic is reliable, quiet, user-friendly and robust. All

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