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Busch N.V. in Lokeren delivers solutions for vacuum and overpressure technology for a variety of applications, examples in the food industry are: vacuum packaging of food, MAP packaging, forming, blister packaging, foil handling, folding and erection of cartons and pneumatic suction conveying of food.

We understand that our vacuum pumps, systems, blowers and compressors are an important part of many industrial processes. Availability, reliability and an energy-efficient operation are important. That’s why we constantly evaluate our activities in order to maintain the highest standards, and continue to develop innovative technologies that will define the future of vacuum system applications.

That also applies to our service and our use of original spare parts and accessories during maintenance. Good and periodically service is efficient: operating costs are reduced, and production time and performances are enhanced. Preventive maintenance, 24/7 breakdown support, technical assistance, rental pumps, are examples of our maintenance service.

You want to know more? Call us for more information +32 (0)9 348- 47 22. Or visit our website: www.busch.be


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