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Atlas Copco is the market leader in the manufacture and marketing of industrial productivity solutions.
From air and gas compressors, vacuum solutions, generators, construction equipment, industrial tools, and assembly systems to their respective service departments: Atlas Copco’s range of products and services is as dynamic as it is diverse.

The company – founded in 1873 – is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach that spans over 180 countries.
The international headquarters for the compressor division and largest production unit are based in Antwerp. That means that many of our products are also ‘Made in Belgium’.

For over 60 years now, Belgium has made sustainable productivity a top priority. How? It’s simple: by relying on cutting-edge technological developments to develop and apply sustainable, energy-efficient solutions. It’s an across-the-board practice that covers various sectors and activities.

We are the world’s first compressor manufacturer to be certified compliant with the most recent version of the air purity industry standard: the ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010). But that’s not all. We are also the first compressed air equipment manufacturer to receive an ISO 22000-certification for oil-free products from our Antwerp plant. That means that we’ve implemented the same procedures in force at major food manufacturers.

Atlas Copco also has the widest range of services and the highest number of service technicians in the compressed air sector. Anytime you entrust your machinery or equipment to Atlas Copco, you know that the service will be professional and carried out by an extensive team of experts familiar with the latest technology and capable of flawlessly maintaining and repairing your compressed air system components.

We also provide specialised services, such as energy audits and product unit optimisation. Not only does this reduce your operational costs, it also maximises your energy savings.

There’s nothing we prize higher than customer service and satisfaction, so don’t hesitate to contact our specialists. Helping you find the right solution is their highest objective.



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