New patented system to reduce the volume of pouches of frozen products

ULMA Packaging will present at Empack 2017 the VTC 840 continuous vertical wrapper with a non-perforation air extraction system, specially designed for frozen products, which obtains pouches with optimum volume.

This new system does not perforate the bag, which guarantees the quality of the product that preserves its characteristics throughout the cold chain, avoiding the usual problems caused by traditional systems based on perforations.

The vacuum level is adjustable from the control panel. From the screen of the bagger the operator can easily adapt the amount of air to be extracted to form packages with the minimum volume and thus to be able to introduce more bags per box.

This saving of the volume per bag results in lower transport costs as well as a better use of the surface of the freezer in supermarkets.

This is a revolutionary system for the whole frozen sector that ULMA Packaging will show to all visitors at Empack Mechelen October 11 and 12 stand D052.