“At ULMA, we are strongly committed to reducing the amount of packaging required, with the aim of minimizing the impact on the environment, while maintaining the benefits of packaging in terms of product protection and shelf life.

We work in very close collaboration with film suppliers developing new packaging and materials, to offer customers more recyclable or compostable packaging solutions.

ULMA is constantly evolving to offer customers the most up to date machines capable of working with more sustainable materials.

At ULMA, we care…”

Recycle & Compost:
Machines are designed to maximize recycling by using sustainable materials such as:
– Monomaterial (PET, PP, PE)
– Cellulose trays
– Other recycle ready materials
– Bioplastic obtained from renewable sources
– Compostable plastics (PLA polylactic acid)
– Cellophane

Reduce Packaging:
Creating machines that manufacture waste-free packages with a minimum of plastic. Think:
– Reduced plastic (net film)
– Thinner gauge films (BDF, PO)
– Optimized packaging size (Tight-bag, Venturi)
– Minimum scrap
– Trayless packaging