G. Mondini presents: Slicefresh®


G. Mondini presents: Slicefresh®

G.Mondini presents it’s newest patented technology: Slicefresh®. This innovative packaging was developed with in mind the demand for more environmentally friendly packaging solutions and better integration of visibility for the sliced meat, fish industry.

The biggest advantage of Slicefresh® is undoubtedly the reduction of the use of plastic and the perfect recyclability of the entire packaging. With Slicefresh® products are packaged with less than 75% less plastic, without sacrificing quality and firmness. Because the barrier laminate can easily be separated from the cardboard carrier, this packaging meets today’s expectations in terms of sortability and recyclability. This makes Slicefresh® probably one of the most environmentally friendly packaging on the market.

With Slicefresh® you also do not have to compromise on visibility. On the contrary: the cardboard wearing of Slicefresh® can be printed over its entire surface and on both sides. This will improve the overall look and feel of the product and but also enhance the visibility in vertical presentation. In the MAP top foil of Slicefresh®, the product is held securely in place on a cardboard carrier. The product will not shift so that it will retain its presentation aspect in every position. Re-sealability of this packaging can also be integrated in two ways: via a repositionable adhesive layer in the foil or with a mechanical closure.

Slicefresh® is available on the TRAVE traysealers from G.Mondini.