Houweling Group obtaines three ISO quality marks


Houweling Group obtaines three ISO quality marks

In January 2019, the Houweling Group achieved three ISO quality marks. A successful audit has shown that we meet the quality standards.

Three certificates
We want to grow in professionalism and quality, that’s why we went into the process to achieve the following three ISO certifications:

ISO 9001: Quality management systems
With our certification for this standard we show that we have mapped and checked the most important business processes. The continuous improvement of quality is central to the application of ISO 9001. Employees get to know the processes well. As a result, they become increasingly aware of the consequences of their actions. This increases the quality and reliability of the organization and the products.

ISO 14001: Environmental management systems
With this certification we show that we use an environmental management system and thus guarantee environmental safety. We pay structural attention to the environment in business operations. The management system focuses on managing and improving environmental performance.

ISO 45001: Healthy & Safe working
This standard shows that we meet the legal obligation to take care of the safety and health of employees. We conduct a policy that pointed at realizing optimal working conditions.

Delivering quality
Audits were held on location, our policies and measures were assessed and employees were extensively interviewed. Erik Paul Forsten, QHSE Manager: ”Obtaining these certificates is the confirmation for the Houweling Group that we have actually organized the processes surrounding our service. We are ready for further growth.”